Video indexing

Video indexing

Turn your videos into searchable knowledge. Video transcription / Paragraph detection & indexing / Semantic search / Video OCR

An example of what you can build:

From videos to text

Flaps transcribes your videos into text and indexes all the content so you can find fast any content inside your videos

Meaningful paragraphs

Once your videos are transcribed, Flaps group the content into meaningful paragraphs

Semantic search on videos

Search for specific meaning and get as a result, specific moments from different videos.

Named entity recognition for your videos

Flaps understands and indexes the key information from videos: names of people, name of organizations, dates...

Gather information from your videos

Thanks to Flaps, you can transcribe and index all the content from your videos and build a semantic search engine to find specific moments from videos.

Fast and no-code

No need to code. In less than 5 minutes all the process is done and videos ready to be analyzed.

No need to upload your videos to Flaps

Flaps offers out-of-the-box integration with Youtube and Vimeo OTT

OCR on videos

Flaps OCRs videos and indexes all the content. Specially valuable for presentations and conference talks.

Semantic and multi-language searches on videos

Flaps indexes videos regardless of the language, thus allowing the construction of a real AI-powered video engine that works with almost any language

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