Unified Digital Workplace

AI-powered search for a unified digital workplace

Build your own internal AI-powered search engine for a unified digital workplace Data governance | On-premise | Semantic search

An example of what you can build:

Integrate your knowledge. Create your own integrations

Knowledge management

Raise the productivity of your information workers by unifying corporate knowledge across silos. Use our SDK to personalize your application. 

Intranet search

Increase employee engagement by delivering the information and the experience your employees need to make their jobs easier. Use our web component to integrate Flaps search into your intranet.

Research Portals

Create opportunities by harnessing the massive amounts of research information in your domain and leveraging it for insights.

Site search

Promote visitor engagement with a personalized experience that delivers the right information at the right time. Use our web component to integrate Falsp search into your site.

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