Integrate Google speech-to-text to Flaps

Google Speech to text API integration

Learn how to integrate Google Speech into Flaps in less than 3 minutes. No-code.

7 steps, less than 3 minutes.

Everything has been intentionally designed to include the features you want, right where you need them - without being overly complicated.

1- Sign-in to GCloud console

/ Sing-up to your Google Cloud Console.

2- Select "IAM & Admin"

On the left-hand menu, select the option "IAM & Admin" and click on the option Service Accounts.

3- Create Service Account

Click on the option "Create Service Account"

4- Fill in service account details

Add a Service Account name and fill (or not) the optional fields.

5- Click on the Service account you've creataed

Click on the "Service Account" you just have created

6- Get the keys

Download the JSON file with your key.

7- Copy & paste the key into Flaps

Under the "Manage Account" options, at your Flaps, select the option "Account Settings". Paste the JSON code and press "save". All the multimedia content will be transcribed using your Google Key.

Once the integration is done, all the speech-to-text from your multimedia files will be done using your Google Speech-to-text API key.