The API to build your AI powered search engine. From data processing to search.

AI Search as a Service

Flaps is now NUCLIA
the API to build AI-powered search engine for unstructured data. 

Flaps is an end-to-end and easy- to-use API, able to index and process any kind of data, including audios and videos, that supercharges applications with an AI-powered search engine.

The end-to-end API to build AI-powered search engines

From data processing to AI-powered search

Forget about data processing. Flaps automatically extracts and indexes data from files in different data-sources, formats or languages. Thanks to its AI capabilities build your own semantic search engine for any type of data. Use Flaps open-source SDK to build your own front-end or supercharge your application with an outstanding search engine.

Video indexing

Build a semantic search engine for videos and audios.

Flaps transcribes videos in almost any language and indexes all the content based on paragraphs. It also OCR all images in videos.

Multilingual semantic search

API to get an out-of-the-box semantic & neural search engine

Search by concept, not by keyword. This makes it easier to find exactly what users are looking for. It all saves time and helps uncover knowledge. 100% multilingual.

Named entity recognition

Automatic insight detection (named entity recognition)

Flaps automatically detects and extracts named entities: locations, people, names of products, etc. Flaps can also be trained to detect your own specific named entities.

Supercharge your application

Integrate Flaps to your own application

Flaps API let your team to integrate Flaps to empower your applications with a neural & natural language understanding engine

More features


Flaps intelligently knows how your business categorizes knowledge and provides solutions. Just type in a topic and Flaps will automatically suggest how it should be classified.

From email attachments to Flaps

Send an email to Flaps with attached documents to make sure they will always be available and indexed. Stop wasting time looking for email attachments.

No duplicate documents​

Flaps detects and removes duplicate files. Our advanced platform optimization techniques will help you stop all the duplicated efforts.

Integrate knowledge from URLs

Flaps can easily incorporate relevant information from external URLs (form technical reviews, product descriptions, etc.) to the common knowledge base.


Flaps is language agnostic. By using our state-of-the-art technology, you can also use Flaps in your own language and get exactly what you’re looking for even if it’s written in another language.

Integrate knowledge from videos and audios

Videos and audios can contain a lot of valuable knowledge for revenue operation teams. Flaps analyzes videos and audios and incorporates all that knowledge into the company’s shared truth.

Flaps allows us to have total accessibility to our information. It transcribes our videos and audios, and detects all the important information in our documents. With Flaps, we can find exactly what we’re looking for without having to watch the entire video or read the entire document.

Dr. Bartomeu Ayala
Head of Training and Professional Development at Althaia
Connect and sync

Easily integrate with your most important apps

Thanks to an open SDK Knowledge integrator, you can literally integrate any source into Flaps.

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